My father remembers it vividly. As a boy of fourteen, he joined the Young Biafra Boy Soldiers. When he recounts this story to me, he punctuates it with regular interludes of; “war is bad!” The memories of the civil war still ravishes the psyche of my father, even now that he is quite advanced in age, not because he was an infant soldier but because of his own uncle whose charred remains could not be brought back home for a proper burial. My Granduncle’s charred remains that I sometimes imagine haphazardly sailing through the air of Asaba where the bomb shells exploded on him and scattered him in infinitesimal fractions still give me shivers. I feel sorry for letting my father to go through the pain of telling me this story. With his face tightened in a grimace, he tells this story of ‘This Biafra, The Biafra, Our Biafra’.
My father’s many stories about the war taught me one thing; that Biafra was a country that was just inches away from Utopia. So, as a young boy I imagined Biafra as a land of indestructible unity, peace, joy and love. A land of willowy palm trees that were sunk deep; flourishing, in rich crude oil fields. A land whose achievements would have resounded throughout the whole world, that was if the country was given a chance. I guarded this dream jealousy, more of a surreal and overrated infant infatuation, never wanting to tell anyone because of the fear that my hopes would be dashed. I dreamt, I slept, I hoped and prayed. Soon, my dreams dwindled into a mere wishful thinking, one that cleared away after a heavy meal of rice and stew. Still, I comforted myself with the fact that maybe Biafra will come to become for me when I die and hopefully clinch a lodging in the much anticipated paradise. This thoughts of paradise were fostered with my reading of Adichie’s Half of a Yellow Sun and Achebe’s There Was A Country. These two books made “This Biafra, The Biafra, Our Biafra” a place to be.
Years later, as I grew older, the cacophonous interpretation of an erratic radio station began to reawaken my dreams in a different kind of way. I tried hard to stuff my ears with cotton wool, to force myself to believe that I was hallucinating, anything just not to hear what I was hearing. No, the more I tried, the more everyone around me talked about it. So, I decided to get into mood of things and listen to the much discussed Radio Biafra. First feelings, first reactions, first perceptions and I was confused or better said- angry. Whoever was behind the microphone in whatever erstwhile radio house, ruptured the dreams I had dreamt about; “This Biafra, The Biafra, Our Biafra’. He, whoever the radio presenter was, preached an entirely the different gospel of Biafra that was quite different from and

alien to the one my father told me. It was more like a parody of Biafra, a Biafra that preached hate and contempt and rancor and discord and violence. A radion broadcast where the presenter is so chicken hearted that he hides under the table and slanders the president of a country that he is a full citizen of. When I listened to the radio, I yearned to hear the ear-soothing, thought-reawakening and learned voice of Late Ojukwu, whose pictures and lovely beards still caress my mind and cloud my dreams. What I hear is the voice of a quintessential example of the Lost Generation Youth that is creating a striking, yet, wrong perception of the Igbo nation as treacherous, barbaric, unlearned, half baked and aloevera in an ice cream bunch of headless beings.
Lord have mercy! I was just ill-fated to listen to that radio broadcast on the night after the announcement of results of the Presidential election. If ears could bleed, mine was bleeding without wanting to clot. I doubted the radio presenter’s claim of being an intelligentsia because learned beings do not just reel off things from their vocal cavity. He spoke, and spoke, and justified his action by the clause; “Freedom of the Press.” Yes, methinks that he should be asked to explain who gave him the right to call the incumbent president a terrorist. That radio broadcast was the most horrible thing I ever witnessed, it ranked past 9/11 and watching Fifty Shades of Grey on my horror list. The broadcast had not even a smidgen trace of Basic Broadcasting Ethics.
I respect Ralf Uwazurike’s constructed and diplomatic charisma in pursing the course of Biafra. In fact, in a recent publication by the Nation Newspaper, he heavily criticized the young zealot and affirmed that Biafra can only be achieved through Alternative Non-Violent Means. I respect dignity in everything. If the Igbos, by consensus, are tired of being called Nigerians; fine and good, after all they don’t have the much coveted crude oil and are more or less a national liability and a clog in the wheel. But, it must be achieved with elegant dignity and not as loud mouthed rebels.
Yes I have to admit it, “This Biafra, The Biafra, Our Biafra”, died long ago; after the civil war and was buried along with Ojukwu. What Radio Biafra is pursuing now is a distorted version of the dreams Achebe, Ojukwu, my grandfather, your grandfather, me and you and the entire Igbo nation had. A distorted dream sponsored by silhouetted shadow characters who are hell bent on dragging the Igbo nation down with them in their walk of shame. I have nothing against the herald of sweaty, shirtless and energetic youths who are screaming; “GIVE US BIAFRA”, in the streets of Porthacourt, Umuahia and Enugu. If they were gainfully employed, they would be exerting this unusual burst of extra-sized energy in building their career.
Hmmm, the possibility of the Biafra of Radio Biafra and NNAMDI Kalu, scoffs, I puke in my teacup. I puke in my teacup and say to hell with them all. Before we can talk about Biafra, we must address relevant issues of Igbos inhumanity to other Igbos. Truth be told, we have drifted far apart after the war, being frayed at the edges. We have stopped loving ourselves, now it is all about the money. Before we talk about Biafra, let us first address the issues we have caused ourselves. Yes, the Igbos are discriminated, marginalized, not given their fair share of the national Hollandia Yogurt and other bla bla bla. Certainly, the federal government is not responsible for Dr. T.A Orji’s sack of all Igbo teachers who are not from Abia state. This our proud Biafra big daddy is in the Senate and the Radio Biafra kept mute. I laugh in Swahili. Let us not forget the unpaid pensions and gratuities of state government workers in Enugu state. Let us not forget my beloved I Phone 6 that was submerged in the floods of the deathtraps called roads in Aba. Let us also remember the unpaid salaries of our civil servants. Let us not forget the marginalization Igbos face in securing admission in other Igbo state universities. Let us not forget how we are billed exorbitantly by an Igbo electricity company; EEDC, without prepaid meters. Let us not forget you and I that is compelled to live in perpetual squalor. Let us tackle this issues first before we talk about Biafra.
#One Love
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    1. D irony to it all is that u forget d meaning of that smiling baby face wearing those most amazing colours which means war doom n life. After d war comes the darkness n after d tunnel comes d light (life)
      Dat is Biafra

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  1. you speak very well,infact, u are most intelligent stupid idiot( isi) I have ever speak or read his/her article. all u pointed out is right but ur small brain is not enough to tell u those behind all this evils, secondly, u did not no the meaning of love so to speak otherwise I could ‘ve seen an atom of it in this ur useless article, finally, tell those that paid u for this, of course( Hausa fulani) they should not worry about if we love ourselves, let them ask us to go to promised land, by the way,can any biafra man or woman discharge explosive material near his market, less talk of killing him/herself because of stupid ideology, Idiot,goodnite


      1. U are the greatest joke ever. Replying u is a complete waste of time bcos sincerely u lack logical reasoning. Already one can hear ur cynic saying, who cares anyway, at the end Biafra will surely come. As far as we are concern u don’t exist.


  2. Thanks for your thoughts and concerns about the Biafra of Radio Biafra and Nnamdi Kanu. You prefer to dissociate yourself from their style of communication, but you still share the dream of that Biafra of your fathers. Good enough! I really share and understand with you. It could be that the diplomatic and non-violence strategy of Ralph Uwazuruike have not awaken the Nigerian conscience to recognize truly that some people are hurting seriously from victimization and marginalization. It also could be that this type of communication strategy being applied by Radio Biafra is now calling the attention needed to begin the conversation, as you have just done, and others are doing. When peaceful dialogue cannot create the needed change, one compels the other to seek alternative means. History notes that revolutions have never been led by soft language. The Nigerian leaders have failed to learn anything from history. Biafra is a spirit beyond our collective imagination. This Mother-god is seeking for her ‘lost’ name and heritage. She has been violated and deprived and neglected for too long. She had been patient for too long. She is now making a resurgence with some spiritual force that is waiting to engulf everything on her way. If only Nigerian leaders and all those clamoring for Biafra do know what is at stake! Human beings are often tools in the hands of the gods!!


  3. Even as your thought is vile so is your foolish write-ups show that you are a northerner, because northerners from Nigeria are the biggest liars I have ever seen. in short their lies is even affecting them negatively. it is only a fool and vagabond will counter the talk of freedom. it is only an idiot like you will stop people’s dream for freedom with your useless preaching. your type enslaved Africa and blindfold the youths in this country. if it is true that Igbo hate themselves, good and fine, they never ask for your help, rather they sort to go. You Yoruba/Hausa that love yourselves allow the Easterners to go while you continue in your love. you say Igbo discriminates yet they didn’t discriminate Goodluck in 2015 election. you call Igbo trouble maker and yet since after Civil War no crisis among Easterners. now tell me, is there any full year that pass by without one riot or the other in north? strange diseases always in Yoruba land. Saboteur! you should better shot your mouth when you don’t have good contribution in a crucial matter like FREEDOM. It could be true that Yoruba/Hausa are celebrating their wickedness, killing, victimizing and even genocide against Easterners during BIAFRA WAR, but this i have to tell you, if you take war to the east again Yoruba/Hausa you may not find it easy any more and you will pay dearly for your past atrocities.


  4. You have spoken.Your response shows irritations you have. What was spoken or how it was spoken you cannot discern whether is right or wrong. For your idol Uwazuruike,how far did he go with his diplomacy which now but extinct.If after so long you suddenly awoke to your slumber with this piece of info.I ask,where were you since over deacade of silence on this issue? You spoke of hate, disunity among the members community of Biafrans. Have you ask yourself what is the reason behind state creation after the war?If you don’t know, let me answer that, Disunity.I’ll suggest that you go and eat a humble pie and forget you ego.Give credit to whom it is due.


  5. hmmm well written its my candid opinion that people should be objective while they read so as to make meaningful contributions.
    Well I must say the points marshalled out by the writer are quite in line with regards to Igbo unity and violence is not the best way to air our views cos if we pursue our course violently then we are no different from any other terrorist group. Thanks

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  6. the writter of this junk is the worst breed of degenerate pathetic junk of intellectual quagmire. the nation newspaper may employ you for Yoruba propaganda. fool you are.


    1. Lol, the highly acclaimed NNAMDI KANU is feeling jittery for a mere teenager’s post. If you are that learned, why would you insult a mere boy of 18. In fact, he has challenged you and your merry band to a debate. Lol, lol, the truth is indeed a bitter pill that must be swallowed. Lol.

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  7. I don’t support radio biafra style. The station should be used to portray the goodside of the ibos and not using harsh words on the govt. For the time been, Naija is still our own. The station shld be used to rebrand the ibo tribe , people shld see ibos differently and not as the money mongers, drug pushers, 419ers that they think us to be. The station shld be used to celebrate ibos inn diasporsa that hve done well for ther country. I.e Chimamanda, Okocha, Kanu Nwankwo, Philip Emegwali and the rest. The staation shld also be used to give hope to young ibo busiiness men that can’t afford to advertise theiir business on local stations. They shld have advert rates starting from N5000 – N2000. The station shld also be used to promote the rich cultural heritage ,music and videos of all tribbes under Biafra and not hate speeches all the time. I listened to it and its obvious all the programms are fashionned to abuse the govt. I don’t agree with the issue of ibos and love. The ibos are onne set of Nigerians that show love a lot to their brothers. Its in ibo land that a man will be given boys he is nnot related to to train in businness and later sponsor them. There are also power holding companies in other states of Nigeria that give outrageous bills – thaat doesn’t meaan ibos hate themselves. If teachers were sacked inn abia state its simply becauuse the man want employment for his indigenes first before outsiders which iis obtainable everywhere. If your iphone fell insde water in the baad roads in the east it doesn’t meann the ibos hate them selves. There are bad roads everywhere in Nigeria and not jjust biafra land. Must I give you my balls before you know I love you ??? All the points you made regarding biafra and love is baseless. Rewrite your article properly

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  8. You simply wasted your time writing absolute nosense..Even in ur family, ARE YOU GUYS LIVING IN UNITY(I MEAN UNITY IN ITS REAL SENSE)? NOW, even in absence of absolute unity, are you guys not progressing collectively? Raising this ur disunity issue is senseless, simple.

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  9. All this is simple as the letter was composed, and if really you are a true biafran you don’t need to west much of your time fighting for division of a nation, all you need to do is just to take the steps mention above

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