Another Sunday gone! A really thought provoking Sunday. I woke up very late this morning (a special privilege I enjoy when I’m alone with my mother). It was 8;40 am and I had to drag myself off the bed and go to church. My church is a few blocks away, so I think that strolling to church would be more appropriate. I had to look shiny and smart today because it was a big Sunday; the Bishop was coming.

       Hurry up! We are late! Before we got to church, the whole seats were occupied. I had squeeze in between two fat women who would often ask me if I was comfortable. What were they expecting me to say? I just had mumble what looked like; “I’m just fine”, and they would even compress me the more.
         As a result of my sitting palaver, I did not pay rapt attention to the sermon. I was absorbed in dainty colors of the parishioners; especially the women. Their beautifully patterned sequin dresses sparkled, those dresses that you save in the deepest part of your closet. The dancing was a bit too much and so was the shouting. Trust me, I wanted to blend into the spirit of things but the fat madams have sworn to make life difficult for me.
       With nothing much to do but to groan in pain, those women nearly crushed my bones, I decided to do an empirical research. I decided to count the number of people who came with their bibles; the result was depressing. On the other hand, the number of people that had acquired smart phones and digital cameras was quite impressive! I could see them flashing the lights of their electronic gadgets, taking snapshots of the bishop like they were paparazzi, videoing people without their consent and creating a nuisance of themselves. Don’t blame me, I had my smartphone with me and I would joined the flashing light galore if not for the two madams I was squashed between.
        Just like my church, many other churches around the world are still starstruck by this fever of modernization and Information Technology. The teenagers especially. For people like me, I must confess, I countdown to Sunday because of the many pictures I would take. After service, straight to Instagram with tags like #blessed, #Church_was_fun, #chilling_ma_pastor! Our routine for going to church these days is: Smart phones and cameras-Check, Batteries fully charged-check, Bibles… I think I would share someone else’s bible. We want to capture those funny and remarkable moments but we fail to realize that it is a church and not a studio.


         With that realization, I crosschecked myself. Goodness! I was with my bible! Then I quietly switched off my phone and then urge my readers to do the same. Try taking your bibles to church, don’t make an excuse that they are heavy, modern day bibles are printed with lightweight paper that is much lighter and smaller than an IPad.
KEEP ON STAYING FLAWLESS. I want to know how you feel reading these wonderful posts.
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