Wow! Today, I decided to do things differently. Out of the billions of issues to discuss, I would reminiscent on how I saw advertising as a child. When I was growing up in my home country, the television set was a big deal. You could be lucky to have just one in a whole block of flats. I could remember when my mother walked into the house with a carton containing a television set! I was soe happy and the fact that it was a multicolor display screen was just another icing to my cake. That was when my journey with television advertising started

As a young boy, I was always intrigued by the wonders of these sales promoters did on screen. My enchantment cut across products from baby diapers, soaps, detergents, toys, electronics and even sanitary p*ds. I often wondered how they managed to portray the the pretend flawless nature of the products. The toothpastes on screen would always leave their mouths sparkling white which my dull shade of white teeth was no match for. I could remember finishing a full packet of my mom’s special LUX LUXURY in the quest for imitating those models like Genevive Nnaji that took bubble baths on screen with full packets of soap. The yanking of ear that I received is just better left imagined.
Still that did not stop my love for advertisements, I still bask in their savor. I relished in their moments of display, I take their words by heart and much likely would have been like Meryl Streepe if the Oscars had a category for best actor in PRETEND ADVERTISING ACT!
My siblings found this overtly exasperating, in their own words, I was an attention seeker. Trust me, you would have said the same if you were in their shoes.
As I grew older, I started differentiating between reality, fact and make believe. It started dawning on me that it was just an art form pulled in form of a stunt just for the purpose of expanding sales and customer base. That realization was hurtful as it crashed my wonder ship. Yet, it struck me with something- the world created by advertising. It was such a perfect world where everything appeared to be flawless and perfect. The smiles on the plump faces of children, the exotic sheen the lotion gives on the spidery legs of the models, the love in the child’s eyes when the food is cooked with a brand of seasoning…the list is endless. I miss those days, but I am not going back in time.
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