We all have closets, don’t we? Closets are where we stash our past memories, thoughts, deeds and most importantly secrets. They are one of our most treasured belongings and to this effect we must be careful, selective and meticulous of what we lock up there.
         Imelda Marcos once said and I quote, “they came to find skeletons in my cupboard, all they could find were fine fine shoes.” Wow, witty we may say yet this is a great example of a flawless personality.
This on its own does not suggest a holier than thou heart or immaculate heart. The analogy above simply makes us to see no reason why we should stock up skeletons in our cupboards. What ever happened to stocking up our cupboards with laurels, awards, fulfilment, good deeds, positive impacts?
         The issue about having skeletons in our cupboards is that they stink and fill us up with absolutely nothing but when we have closets like Imelda they flourish, they impact, they grow, they develop into something unique. If only we could close our eyes and imagine the shock, embarrassment and the perplexity on the faces of the ‘ skeleton finders ‘ when they saw those cute and fashionable shoes.
        It takes a lot of balls (pardon my language) to sing I wake up flawless. It starts with discarding those smelly and decaying skeletons, trust me you need gloves for this task, and replace those closets with aesthetic and extremely alluring items.
       I repeat, prove them wrong by displaying beautiful shoes in your closets. Trust me you do not want them to find. Keep staying FLAWLESS.
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