Hello world, this post is dedicated to all my Facebook friends who in their gallant quest to get many likes have dabbled into so many things. Well, to the #Realers it’s such a shame for you to tell your friends to shade 14 pounds and inviting your friends to download AppLiker. Also, my heart goes out to the unlucky ones that their accounts have been hacked and porn links have been lavishly adorned on their timeline. Facebook likes does not pay the bills or buy moi-moi and jollof rice. It’s ephemeral. Life is hard. If you care to read, I personally wrote this blog post for you. Don’t bother to share it to others.


Of all things we seek most is relevance. Relevance is that rush of feeling you get when you are aware that someone is aware of your breathing; that you are not in mere existence but in full living. Relevance is what makes us strive for Western education so that there will be constant comments like: “Ah, is it this one. He has a double doctorate.” Relevance is what makes us put up appearances, appearances that most a times cannot keep up with. I even had to capitalize this writing for it to be relevant. We want relevance, we

want to be known, we want to be heard, we want to be recognized and sure as hell we would not want to go unnoticeably unnoticed.


Don’t get it twisted, I am a big fan of relevance just like every other plus seven billion people in the world but today I want to trash out some things with this boisterous Mr. Relevance. Now, Mr. Relevance is a very scheming gentle man. The most important future about him is that you cannot have it by proper self evaluation. You need to be assessed by others before the big bold stamp, HE IS RELEVANT, appears on your forehead. This certainly poses a great difficulty especially in this world filled with subjectivity, prejudice, extreme ideological sensitivity and more or less no value freedom. So one thing is sure Bro, you have got to do what the society wants you to do for you to be relevant.
However, as time goes on, Mr. Relevance and his societal judgment starts to relax a bit. By this time, the adventurer on his quest for relevance has obeyed the rule of doing what you have to do so that you would do what you want to do. At the peak of this, we are, in my words, most relevant. The celebrities at the top stratum of societal influence belong to this category. Sooner or later, they would start defining the meaning of relevance for us all as they are the quintessential. Mr. Relevance in his own unique way rubs in the sheer misery of being unnoticed or what the society would call irrelevant.
So, this morning, I decided true and true that I am done with this proud, self-conceited Mr. Relevance. I am so tired of striving or rather straining my ears to hear positive comments from the society. Indeed, from now on, I would be the appraising myself. I don’t really have to start waiting for Mr. Relevance to grade me on his score sheet. Don’t get it twisted again; my self-approval does not entail swinging nude on a wrecking ball (no offences to Miley’s fans). I am just out here to satisfy my conscience without giving an ounce of care of what anybody has to say. So I am proud to say goodbye to Mr. Relevance when I make it with my originality he will come looking for me.
Keep on staying flawless; it is a lifestyle and not an art form…
Kindly air your views and reservations in the comment box…     
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