I woke up this morning half flawless because of my hair. It is in a really bad condition: dry, kinky, non-wavy, unattractive and unkempt. I ran to my mirror and grabbed my hair cream, cocoa butter body cream and olive oil(I have a terrible knowledge when it comes to hair). So I spent two hours drenching my hair with oil, combing and brushing it. It turned out nice and shone like how a Sued shoe would shine if you were wearing it for a Forbes magazine interview. Few minutes and it went back to square one. Disappointed, I started thinking why people make so much fuss about my hair. I get irritated when my friends call my hair a ‘virgin’  just because I have not applied relaxer on it, when my mother had to make me go through the horrible pain of combing it before going to school and when my teachers flog me for not combing my hair even though I did it. Just an array of black, gray, red, dark brown, golden tufts on people’s head and yet people are always up on it. So I decided to give up on my hair. But today I said; “No way!” I was not giving up and I would definitely take good care of my hair.
         This issue of hair is not age, race or gender specific as it cuts across various demographics. It is erroneous to say that hair is a girl thing. The truth is that both gender take good care of and worry about their hair. It is just so funny as some people grumble about their kinky hair while others worry about their wavy hair that form ponytails, others worry about their hair being too short some people would still prefer a short hair.
        Hair is the most insignificantly significant part of our bodies. Most people tend to overlook it but the truth is that they give a first impression on our personality. Hair as it is shows you whether you would have a good rapport or

not, it shows the extent of how people care about themselves and others, would they be school smart or street smart. Recently, I formulated a hypothesis that if you have a Galax, Punk or any other funny hairstyle you cannot graduate from medical school. However stupid that was I had to explain that waking up and brushing that hair could brush off the many memorized medical jargons. Hair shows the part of the world we come from, our social class and status. A very attractive hairstyle might get you a good job while a terrible hairstyle could cost you your job.
        So why do you care so much about your hair? Is it to make a statement!? To swim with fashion trends? To copy a star you have a crush on? Whatever it is I think everybody should follow this my new resolution of taking care of my hair (note I am talking of the hair on my head not the other ones) because they do so much and still receive little. Hair also affects how we identify with public figures. Imagine Obama without his overtly kinky hair, Nikky without her series of colorful wigs, Rihanna without her skullcap, Lupita without her clean shaved hair, Soyinka without his crop of white hair. Adichie without her braids.
     Hair is a very powerful tool for self expression and it should be put into full use. Don’t mess it up, wake up now go down to the store and give your hair a treat. Hairography, they say, is the use of your hair to get what you want. So whip it back and front, blow it out, stretch it, perm it, carry it as Afro and any other way to make it look elegant and radiant. Flawless is about accentuating your individuality in any way and hair is definitely one of them. I am tempted to say that we all have a hairy day.
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