Now, I am really apologetic for those who don’t understand pidgin English. Bad ‘bele’ loosely translates to bad stomach but in the real sense, it is refers to a person or group of persons that would not mind their business and are really busy poking their noses when and where
it is not wanted. Bad beles are the type of people that gather in twos and threes and gossip, loath, condemn, disparage and derogate people for no just cause. You walk on designers and they wonder the amount of illicit businesses you do to afford it, you switch to normal clothes and they bemoan the fact that you do not have a dress sense, they see you looking down to admire your fine fine shoes and they say you do not have self-esteem, you go right and they elaborately tell you that left is the right way. At the end of the door they render you tired and frustrated, imagine that!!!
       Today, I am saying enough is enough to these bad beles. Seriously, I am tired of living my life to please these ‘unpleasable’ sets of humans. I would be well cut out for them. The problem is that they are ubiquitous and take any form of relations, friends and foes alike. I ran to the bedside mirror and talked to the man in the mirror, appraising his flawlessness and gaining so much confidence from him – I set out for the task ahead.
      Just outside my door they gathered as if some Voodoo power informed them of how I would ignore them. They mumbled loud enough for me to hear but I was head over heels and they cannot drag me to their level. I could feel their anger and surprise as they wondered what came over me. I heaved a sigh of relieve, one down, I had defeated the bad beles outside my door.
          Next stop was to grab an early breakfast at the eatery. I placed my order without the usual advice from that waiter with bad hair and bad skin. I hauled a taxi, I needed to be at work early.
         The next set of bad beles were the ones in my workplace. One in particular Miss Aproko could not wait for me to settle down before she told me that my well polished shoes are fading and I needed to buy a new one from her! I ignored and hummed to an imaginary tune.
      Wow! I finally defeated them, the bad beles. The mere thought of that brought a glow of pride on my face. I finally lived my life without the undue influence from BAD BELES. I owe my thanks to the man in the mirror for his inspiration it was not easy but I did it. If I can, yes you can.



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