Glad we are now waking up flawless. Something has been bothering my mind, lately. This is the over demanding and seem-to-be faultless part of our parents I call- Madam and Sir Perfect. Young teenagers (of course this cuts across gender, age, race and class) at a point in their lives are confronted with this Madam and Sir Perfect syndrome.
          “I aced all my grades in high school”, “I never grumbled about house chores”, “I never clubbed”, “I was called “the Boy is Good” because of my legendary football schools”…bla bla bla… These “when I was your age” choruses among parents portrays our parents as being more perfect than the word ‘perfect’.
          Parents believe that their Madam and Sir

Perfect side would increase their prospects to succeed. Well, that is not always true. This overtasks us considering the fact that people are born with different capabilities. In the quest to meet up with these ‘perfectionalism’ they miss out in so many things.
          The first being that they end up not turning out, in their parents context, perfect. The second and most painful part is that they fail to follow their passion and are compelled to live under the shadows of their parents.
          Word of advice or should I say the cold hard fact: “our parents were not perfect when they were all legs and pimples”. Have we ever asked our Grandparents what our parents were like in their teens. Shocking results! “Your father drawled on bed till 22”. “Your mom could not cook till 18”. “Ahh John continued sucking my breasts till 14”. “Ladylike is not Ann’s stuff, she poked her nose till she graduated from college”.  Or we can snoop through their academic records, that can be too far from perfect.
          Before any misconception, the Madam and Sir Perfect part of our parents arise because they are frightened about the fact that we might make the same mistakes they made. Yet, when they overemphasize on this negative results tend to surface. We become too meticulous and make graver mistakes
            Hey, I am not implying that we should go along making our own mistakes. Experience they say is the best teacher, but it is not a friendly teacher and their are other ways of learning better than experience.
             Remember, this is for young and colorful teenagers so that they can smile when they hear, ” when I was your age…”, from our parents. This is because we believe, appreciate and cherish them for being so scared about us making the same mistakes that they made.
Do you agree with me? Comment ASAP.



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