This is filled with weird shit, share to the next person. Let me introduce myself. Call Miss Wayward, I don’t have a country and I want to prove to the whole world that I can impact it positively. Thank you YoungandFlawless for giving me a space in his blog.  Today I’m going to let you in to my life. Don’t judge me, but watch and learn let my story resound…

    Boy, it’s been long I posted. Whatever happened to me all this while made me to fall in love with YoungandFlawless the more. First things first, I still have my dopest lipstick from the last episode. Do you know what that means; I still get to keep my new year resolution. What about you, still keeping to yours? Maybe or maybe not. Well, let me cut the chase and go straight to business. Today, I would love to talk about Joy.
    When I mean Joy, its not the kind of ecstatic mood we plunge into when we win a lottery. The Joy I mean here is a person, a four year old girl who lives across our street.

So pure, so innocent, so filled with endless crystals of laughter. She was literally the soul and vibe of the neighborhood. She greeted everyone she passes by and puts smile on the faces of many. She helps the old folks around here to run little errands. I used to invite her to have some girl-to-girl talk, put a couple of cartoons and laugh till our ribs cracked. It was impossible to think that anybody would dream of harming our little angel. Or so we thought!


    Last Saturday, was when it happened. It was old Pa Sam; the never-do-well, that sits on his porch all day bemoaning his wasted youth. He had called Joy to his house to and she innocently went. That SON OF A BITCH (Pardon my language ) soiled our immaculate wrapper of innocence. He grabbed this vulnerable girl and raped her brains out. It was Joy’s stifled screams that alerted the neighbors. But it was too late, Joy was lying on the old man’s rose patterned carpet; drenched in he own blood and lifeless.
   I could not sleep soundly since then. All I see in my dream is Joy’s face with her rich spells of laughter swirling above my head. I was angry and helpless what type of society we live in. This is inhuman. When the neighbors went Pa Sam’s house, that monster started pointing fingers at two things. One; that some satanic forces. Two; that Joy has been seducing him by running around the streets naked; without wearing pants! And all of a sudden, the tone of the situation changed. Everybody started blaming lifeless Joy for not wearing pants (I mean the British type of pants not the American trousers). One woman actually asked me; “But why didn’t she wear pants”. Mama Caro; the food seller, said in a moment of an exaggerated dry humor, ” You know its normal for men at this age to have urges.” So, old Pa Sam is free as a bird and walking around seeking another to devour.
    We are all very petty, if we can forget how horrific rape is and dwell on Joy not wearing pants, then we are worse than the KKK. Joy dearest, rest in peace, I still pray for you and see you in my dreams. So dedicate today to female folks that have been traumatized sexually. Share this post to every woman you know, comment ASAP and lift a candle for Joy.

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