Wake up it’s morning! And it is Thursday! How the week just about to end? Well this morning on our Blogcast I would love to keep our minds dwelling on criticisms and being over judgmental. Trust me, I don’t want to encroach into you weekend so this would be strictly straight to the point. First things first, why do I want to dwell on a mind damping topic on a Friday that should be filled with loads of fun
? Well, I just started reading a novel by the American writer- Fitzgerald Francis Scot’s The Great Gatsby.
Just two paragraphs into the novel and I was struck by something: “whenever you are criticizing someone, have it in mind that not everyone has the privilege you had.” I am not fibbing, that thought has kept me thinking all day and I just want to share it with you!

We live in a world where people feel that their fellow humans are not physically, mentally, socially or morally ideal to even be called humans. We are too much in a hurry to size up people, to see them once and see them all, to judge because the little transistor radio in our heads makes us to live in the illusion that we are better than others. We have this overrated air of importance when we walk up to people that are inferior to us!

Well, the weekend is coming and for the love of being flawless, let us have a behavioral change towards criticizing ever Rick, Tom and Harry. A motivational speaker, Dr. Ken Katas, once said; “too much of analysis leads to paralysis.” This might sound a bit dumb but the underlying fact is that when we spend so much time criticizing, we miss out to in the most beautiful things of life – appreciation! So go ahead and see the good side of people! Their is always that good side in people which we have to appreciate and encourage and who knows, by doing this, we might end up changing the bad side of that person!
Thanks for Waking Up Flawless!
Join us same time tomorrow!
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