Who gives a penny for my thoughts? Yet, I must air them because I have been given the opportunity to do so. Since the outset of the United Nations Organization, goals have been formulated to be achieved by the countries under its umbrella. Now, that task has been given to a young voice to design and implement three goals that would be adopted by the UNO for the next twenty years.
Hmmm! My goals would be
1. Poverty Alleviation
2. Gender Equalization
3. Food Water and Security for all Campaign


With a tear stricken face, we watch the excruciating pain of people enduring in the face hardship. Children and pregnant women in Sub-Saharan Africa die because they cannot afford antimalarial drugs that costs below a dollar. Untapped human resources
are forces out to the streets because parents cannot afford to give their children a decent education. Refuse dumps, under bridges and roadsides are fast becoming abodes for some people while others have rooms that have not been opened up for edges in their mansions. Some wear gowns made from jute bags and raffia while others stash away the latest collection of designers in their closets.
Have we realized the difference it would make if a little help is rendered to ease the scourge of poverty heaved on the backs of many.
Despite radical waves of feminism, gender inequality still stares us in the face. In fact, it is now more inimical as it has transformed to what I call: ‘neo-gender inequality’. This arises when the whole world assumes that gender inequality has been taken care of and so any other complaints by women as just a cheap way to seek for attention. Many male chauvinists believe that gender equality will disrupt a supposed ‘balance’. To them it would be chaotic, the clouds will cave in, the stars will fall and the earth would spin off its orbit. Still, women are proving the whole world wrong in the spheres of education, community development, literature, politics, science etc.
Care should also be taken so as not to solve the problems of gender inequality by digging from one hole to fill another. So that we would not have waves of ‘masclunism’ (a situation where men starts rumbles of gender bias towards them.


Hush! Before you gulp down that glass of cold water, have you considered how many have access to safe drinking water. I have an aunty who died of cholera, she had no access to safe drinking water. Think about those children with their diarrhea washed out bellies who drink and urinate at the same water source. Bet you cannot gulp down that cup of water after all.
Are you about to throw that leftover chocolate cake? Pause and think about the many people who go to bed hungry and not even sure of the next day’s meal. Or the Mozambican mother who just finished licking the last drop of coconut oil with her children, huddling them up so that they can all die after their ‘last supper’.
Is that the sound of you jamming the door after tucking in your precious kids to sleep? Have you thought of the millions of people who sleep without a roof above them. Or the thousands of people in my country-Nigeria, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan etc. who vulnerably live in normalized fear of the terror, religious, cultural and political clashes, people who have lost the fear of danger having stared it much too long in the face.


No matter how important my goals are, they are mere chitchats if they are not implemented. May I assure you one thing, implementation of these goals is not going to be easy, yet they are so achievable.
To start with, high income countries should not start obligatory acting as big brothers to middle and especially low income countries. This could be done in form of aids, grants and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)etc. This would agitate robust socioeconomic development in the countries at the receiving end.
Middle and low income countries should not fold their arms, waiting patiently to be saved by some kind of foreign ‘messiah’. They will formulate practicable economic policies that can narrow the gap between the rich and the poor and also promote economic growth and development. This includes provisions of basic amenities, affordable and accessible qualitative education and health care, social security insurance and all what not.
To this end, realistic economic growth and development targets are to be set for countries under the United Nations Organization with stiff sanctions to countries who fall below expectations.
On the issue of gender equalization. Men and women should be given equal opportunities or would I say a level play field to favorably compete in education, career development and prospects, government and religious aspirations. Both sexes would start seeing each other as equals and not superiors or subordinates. A world where someone occupies a position not because of his or her gender affiliation but because of having met with the necessary conditions,  requirements and qualifications



My Food, Water and Security Campaign would ensure that every person in the world has access to food, water and security. How? I recently signed up for civil society organization-Rotaract ( a branch of Rotary International). There, I believed that no matter how grave a situation is, a little helping hand goes a long time way in ameliorating it.
The Food and Agricultural Organization would mobilize funds to promote tropical, temperate and moonson climate agriculture to strengthen food security and sustainability in countries of the world. Laws would be enacted to protect water pollution. Through partnership with member nations and Civil Society Organizations pipe borne water, reservoir tanks, dams and water purification plants would be set up to squarely tackle the water situation in many countries of the world.
The UN Peace Keeping Troops would ever be ready to combat problems of civil wars, genocides, crises and clashes, oppressions, suppressions, terror and terrorism. The strength of security operatives in member countries will be enhanced in both quantity and quality. This would be improve the stance of citizen to security operatives. This would ensure security for all.
A billion words cannot exhaust the burning desires of a young heart for the world. Yet I believe that the future most be better than the not too encouraging past.


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