Good day, kukoronkoooooooooo it’s already past cockcrow! If you are in GMT+1 time zone and you are still asleep then you need to drag yourself up course it is a brand new day and people are already all up in their business. Today, I want us to talk about Chris Rock; a young Afro-American rapper, actor and comedian. Do you know him? The funny guy that hosted this year’s Black Entertainment Television (BET) awards. Now you know him! He said, among other things, that when his vehicle get stalled in the rain or on an abandoned road and he tries to flag down cars driving pass, they mostly ignore him

some rudely splashing muddy puddles of water on him. Yet, when he starts trying to push his car, the passing cars stop and offer their help whilst saying; “What’s up with your car, Bro?” ThisĀ  story does not reflect the hostile nature of the American community, I mean its quite risky for the flagged down cars to stop as Chris Rock might be misconceived to be a thief, a burglar, etc., etc.

This morning, most of us are still under some big illusion that a help from the giant fluffy clouds will one day come and solve our problems.


Hogwash, like my American friends would say. We are still stuck, sulking over our problems, cursing out loudly how our families or friends or even government cannot help us out of our present quandary. Now let me ask this honest-difficult-to-answer question; “What have you done to solve your problems? Sadly and at most times nothing at all.

Most of us are like Chris Rock with stalled cars needing dire attention to be fixed and yet flagging and howling cars when we have not even opened the bonnet of our cars to find out what the problem really is. To tell you the brutal truth boyfriends and girlfriends, if you don’t put your backs into it, stop flagging down ’em cars and try pushing the car by yourself then good luck as I’ll get my calendar to time when help finally comes. However, on a more jocular note, if they don’t stop you call the police or your auto-mechanic!
Good morning and thanks for waking up #Flawless!
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